Advantages Of A Verizon FiOS Static IP Setup

When it comes to Verizon FiOS, the old saying you get what you pay for is true. For some this might mean paying dearly for a poor quality FiOS system. There’s no need to fret. There are many great alternatives to Verizon FiOS if you’re willing to take a chance and make an educated choice. These options are not only more affordable, but they’re faster too!

Verizon has developed a reputation as being slow at FiOS deployment in some areas. This problem was compounded by the fact that Verizon’s fiber optics were not capable of transmitting digital data faster than a traditional phone line could. In addition, Verizon FiOS uses a standard telephone line, not an IP phone, so you have to have a phone plan that lets you use FiOS on your wireless phone. Unfortunately, FiOS has not yet been able to overcome the two major barriers to deployment – pricing and speed – to become a truly competitive service with AT&T and Verizon.

One issue with Verizon FiOS is the fact that it is limited to the speeds of its broadband internet connection. The good news is that if you live in one of the areas where Verizon FiOS is available, you won’t have to worry about this one anyway. However, if you’re like most people who have access to high speed internet and a mobile phone, Verizon FiOS will probably be a hassle. The bottom line is that you’ll either need to move or keep using your current cable/wireless provider until other solutions become available.

One alternative to Verizon FiOS which is not widely known is Google Fiber. This special initiative from the search giant offers home users one advantage that regular Verizon FiOS does not offer: free installation of Google Fiber. With the regular FiOS system, you may have to deal with a bulky and ugly modem, or have it installed by a technician. In addition, Verizon’s service does not include any of the benefits of Google Fiber, such as the use of apps that allow the phone to function like a browser. You also cannot integrate your phone’s data plan with that of your FiOS provider, nor can you watch television programs or movies from your Google Fiber TV app on your FiOS television screen.

Fortunately, this setup is not difficult and only requires a few minutes each day to complete. The steps are easy enough for anyone to do, and only take up a few moments of your time. Most importantly, it sets you up with a working Internet connection so that you can begin enjoying all that FiOS has to offer right away. For those who want the added convenience of Verizon FiOS with Google Fiber, these few minutes per day will go a long way in making sure you can stay connected and enjoy all that FiOS has to offer.

If you have trouble finding an apartment to rent in the town center or at the edge of town, Verizon FiOS can offer you one. Even if you’ve never thought about living in a house, you can find one with Verizon FiOS. The same can be said of town homes and condominiums. You can rent them out if you don’t plan to move anytime soon. Once you’re settled into a place and begin using your Verizon FiOS service, you may decide that you would rather own one of these houses than rent one through a rental company.

Another advantage of Verizon FiOS is that your Internet usage does not affect the balance on your FiOS phone line. This means that you can continue surfing the web and downloading apps at the same time as you use other services, like phone calls and VoIP calls. You can use your phone only for so many minutes at a time, and when that’s up, the phone can simply switch over to using the Internet. This is very helpful if you know you’re going to need to call someone and you know you’ll be able to get online at that moment.

The final advantage of Verizon FiOS is that you don’t have to deal with any sort of hardware installation. You do have to do some of the work yourself to set up a basic Internet connection, but after that, it’s just a matter of connecting everything up. That means you won’t have to deal with busy phone lines, which can be frustrating. The FiOS system will manage the phones, your Internet connection, and even your security so you can rest easy knowing your information is protected at all times. If you’re tired of dealing with traditional cable Internet or DSL Internet connections, then Verizon FiOS may be the best option for you.