How To Change Ip Spectrum

If you are in the cyber world and you have accounts at different IPs then it would be wise to change your IP. There are many reasons for this. First of all, you would not want people tracking down your real location. Another reason is to avoid hacking. And most importantly, it would prevent being attacked from the country you are visiting.

So how does one change their IP address? The answer would be simple: Use a proxy site. A proxy server is software that hides your real location by using a network of IP addresses. In other words, it creates a dummy country and routes Internet traffic through this country while you surf through another one. This way, people cannot track you down.

Proxy servers work in many countries. So you can actually surf anywhere you wish. Of course, this option would depend on the country you are in as some countries may not allow anonymous browsing.

Another solution that you can consider is to use an IP changing software. You would just download the software and follow the instructions. It’s as easy as that!

But before you choose the software you need to make sure you are getting one that is reliable. Be careful about websites that are offering free downloads. These may be scams. I know of software packages that ask for money. Also, some of them have hidden costs that you would never be able to see until you are already committed.

To protect yourself, always run a virus scan. If it detects a virus, don’t even think about paying for it. It’s a scam. Also, look for your country. Some countries block anonymous browsing. If you are in a country that allows anonymous browsing then it would be very helpful.

Once you have downloaded everything, you can now install the software. Run it and follow the on-screen instructions. All you have to do now is to enter your desired IP. Just make sure you enter an IP that other people would not know about. The program will also check for viruses. And then it would warn you if one is found.

If everything goes well, it would tell you the status. And then you can go ahead and change your IP. And again. Keep on surfing and watch out for dodgy sites! If you find one then don’t hesitate to contact the authorities.

If it tells you that your location is blocked, then you need to contact your internet provider. They would either block your connection or give you some advice on how to proceed. Or you can contact the local security forces. Even if they cannot block your connection, they can warn you on the danger and consequences of surfing untrustworthy sites.

If you don’t want to be bothered with the police, there are other ways to protect yourself. One is to stay in the country where you are now. Choose a VPN server which offers secure connections only to servers within that country. For example, if you were in Canada, you could get a VPN server from the USA. That way you can still access torrent websites without being spied upon.

Or you can just use an anonymous proxy service. This lets you surf freely in the country where you are. However, since you are surfing through a proxy, your IP address becomes much more vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. So just because you are surfing online through an anonymous proxy server in another country, doesn’t mean you will not become a target. It is even possible for them to trace you back to your address. So better ask around and find out from people who have experience using one.

Another option is to change your IP address temporarily. This would be useful if you were traveling to a country which has a pro Anonymous stance. You can use a VPN server temporarily to access restricted sites. This would not affect you everyday surfing activities. But it will block your activities while you are in the country. So you can rest assured that your privacy will not be compromised even if you are in the country where such a stance is politically correct.

You may still need to change your IP address while you are in the USA. The US only has a limited control over it. So if your ISP blocked access to sites inside the country, you may still need to change your IP address to access sites outside of it. The best way to do this is to check if you are on any “pay per click” advertising networks like Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing. These types of ads will not charge you any fee to view.