Troubleshooting Tips For the Netgear WiFi Extender

Using your Netgear Extender at home is not a problem, but what if you forgot to disconnect it when you go to work? Unplugging it can be quite difficult. If you did not notice that the battery is about to die, don’t think twice about removing it. It is very dangerous to leave the outlet unplugged because there is a risk of the outlet shorting out. This will lead to electric shocks and even fire.

Check the battery level before You Log in to your network device – Make sure that the power outlet that you use to connect your Netgear Extender to your router is working properly and providing a good and consistent power source. Have you set up your internet browser to automatically log you into the default settings? If not, then you should go to the “internet browser” setting and set it to automatically log you into the default settings. If you have not set this up, then you are likely to forget about it after disconnecting your web connection. However, you could also configure your browser to automatically connect to a Netgear Extender internet connection.

Log in to your router – If you were able to enter the Netgear Extender’s default password while still in the configuration setup window, then congratulations! Your router is ready for configuration now. But what if you forgot the password? You might want to reset your router’s power supply to prevent any damage to your computer or your wires if you had previously configured it to use a different password. To do this, simply press the Power button + Addressing Keys until a confirmation message appears, then release the buttons to put your modem back to factory settings.

Use the Netgear Extender IP Modem – After everything has been configured, downloaded and saved to your computer, you can now install your new extender using the software CD that came with your router. Plug in the USB and Power cable into the back of your modem, follow the on-screen instructions and use the included diagnostics utility to see if everything is setup correctly. (If anything goes wrong, you can always try a different USB port or a different Power outlet.) When everything is all set, you can enjoy plugging in new cable connections into your router, or just setting it up to automatically detect new devices as they come online. It’s really very simple!

Configure Your Wireless router – Once you have your new extender connected to your modem and working, you will need to configure your wireless internet connection. Some people prefer to configure their wireless connection through the WAP application which is preinstalled on some smart phones; however, other people find it more convenient to manually enter the settings. Either way, this step is fairly self-explanatory. Just go to the WAP settings icon in the System menu and set up the wireless network you want to utilize with your Netgear Extender.

Install Required Software – When you have set up your router to automatically detect all new wireless devices, you will need to install certain software programs that will allow your computer to detect your Netgear Extender and set up the proper connections. In general, most of these software programs are available for free download on the company website itself, but there are also some available for purchase on eBay. Before you decide to make a purchase, make sure you read reviews on the software and their compatibility with your router model and brand. Most software programs will be compatible with most routers, but some are not.

Use Your Web Browser – If everything was configured properly, your Netgear Extender should now be able to access the internet without any problems whatsoever. To test if this is working properly, log into your default browser and do an internet search using the keywords “Wireless router with Extender”. If you get no results, see if you can reset the web browser settings to use the default settings. If you cannot, try to visit a site with different words or a different language and test everything again. It might be that the wireless router has somehow been corrupted and is unable to connect to the internet.

Change the Default Firmware – The Netgear router models usually come standard with default firmware that is pretty much useless for normal home users. The best thing you can do is replace the default firmware with one of more recent releases. You can do this by visiting the official website of the company and downloading the latest release of the firmware, or by searching for the option in the product description. The latest firmware is usually a higher version than the previous one and has a number that can be found at the bottom of your device’s Performance tab. Make sure you are not downloading a firmware version that is below the minimum specification required to support your device.