Cisco Router 

Today, the world requires the internet for every type of job. Day by day, the utility of the internet network is growing, and with that is the demand for it. Nowadays, everybody wants a high-speed stable Wi-Fi connection at their house and workplace. Any instability in the network can cause problems and delays in sending and receiving data. In today’s fast-paced life, there is no place for lags and delays.

Cisco has been in the router market for the past 30 years. With its years of experience, Cisco knows what the customers and users look for in such devices. Thus, they provide the latest technologies and end-to-end security. Their customer support and service are very active when it comes to serving their users.

In terms of the specifications present in their routers, they are as follows:

  • Security-The security of the Cisco routers is one of the best. It is capable enough to protect the network from breaches and keep it protected and private. It also has a Cisco umbrella as built-in security. Also, customer support is always present in case of any trouble.
  • No delay-The internet network delivered by the routers can be used for gaming, work purposes, and HD streaming. So, once installed at your house, everyone will be able to use it without any buffering.
  • Wireless-Many routers manufactured by this company are wireless, making them flexible enough to keep anywhere while using them.
  • Easy setup-The setup is also very easy. You will not need any specific technical knowledge to install these routers.

Default IP Address

The IP address is important in networks. This unique identifier is what locates your devices and enables the exchange and search of data. Every router has a default IP address which the user can change. In the case of Cisco routers, usually, the default IP Address is either or

In some models, it can be different too. So, to figure out the IP address of the Wi-Fi network, you can follow the following steps:

  1. In Windows, click on the ‘Start’ Button, and in the search bar below, type ‘cmd.’ A list will appear, and from it, select ‘Command Prompt.’
  2. This will open the ‘Command Prompt’ dialogue box.
  3. As you see the blinking cursor, type ‘ipconfig’ and press enter on your keyboard.
  4. The program will show a few things on the screen. From that list, find the IP address mentioned against ‘Default Gateway’ or ‘IP Address.’

It is important to know the IP address because it is needed when changing the IP address, username, and password.

Default User and Password

Passwords are a way to safeguard your information from illegal users. If you don’t want to risk your network and data security, always make sure to have a strong password. Routers also have a username and password used to login into the home page to make changes in the settings.

The default username and password on Cisco routers can be found in their label or the manual that comes with the contents. But if not mentioned, for the username, it can be either ‘cisco’ or ‘admin.’ For the default password, it is either ‘cisco,’ ‘admin,’ or just a blank field. Everything is in lowercase without any quotation marks.

It is always advisable to change the default username and password to something stronger for better security purposes. You can use the following steps to change the username, password, or other settings:

  1. Open a web browser from the device that is connected to the Cisco router.
  2. In the address bar, type the default IP address.
  3. Next, you will need to enter the default username and password and click enter.
  4. This will take you to the setup page. There you can change the settings, login details and reset the router to the default configuration.

Do not forget to write down the changes you make to access them later on easily.

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