Tips For a Successful Comcast Static IP Setup

If you are using the internet, then the chances are that either your cable modem or your wireless router are connecting to a Comcast IP system. This is what is known as a Comcast static IP address. When you are browsing on the internet or downloading information, you are actually communicating through this IP address. It is only when you have visited a site which uses the standard port number for wireless connections that you will experience a difference in speed. This is because Comcast’s wireless routers and cable modem ports use the same system (IP) to connect to each other.

This makes it possible to obtain a wireless connection to the internet using the same port number. To get the best signal quality, the location of your router has to be directly connected to the central office server of Comcast. If you live in an apartment building, you will want to get on the internet from the living room. If you are in a condo complex, then the location of your wireless router should be in the center of the complex. You should never connect to the internet through a hotel’s wireless connection because it will not work as it is intended.

A Comcast static IP system can be set up at any time, even if you move to another house or apartment. The setup will just be different from the one you used in the previous paragraph. In order for this to work, you will have to contact the customer service at Comcast or visit their website. They will help you select the correct connection for your living space and will install it. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when setting up this type of connection.

If you have multiple computers that are sharing the same wireless router, then you will have to change the IP addresses for each of them. If you have already got a Comcast cable internet connection, then you do not have to change your cable internet router’s IP address. The router can remain the same unless you buy wireless connection cards for each computer.

It is a good idea to ask an employee at your computer shop to change the wireless router’s address if you have multiple ones. It is much safer to have two separate addresses than one. When you go to purchase a new wireless card for each computer, you should also ask what kind of card they recommend for your work place. Most people prefer to use Wi-Fi because it is free and there are no long-term agreements involved. This is especially true if you are going to work from home.

The wireless card will not automatically change the IP address of the router. You have to manually enter the IP address. If you have changed the cable modem’s IP address on your own, then you should not have to do this. However, if you were given a cable modem by your cable company, then you should change it yourself.

When you have entered the new IP address, then you should configure the settings of your wireless connection. You should make sure that your wireless devices are able to detect your new IP address. If your wireless devices cannot detect your new IP address, then you won’t be able to connect to the Internet. Some wireless routers will automatically detect the new IP address, but most won’t.

When your cable is set up at your new address, you can install the router again. If there are any wires connecting the modem to the wall, then you should loosen them so the installer can get a good view of where everything is in the setup. Then, you should hook up the other devices. It is important to have the cables running properly so you don’t have any kinks in your setup when you are done.