TP-Link Router

In the age of the internet, a stable Wi-Fi connection is a must. To have a good connection with proper bandwidth, the router’s performance quality matters. Choosing a reliable router can be a difficult task with so many in the market. You can save yourself from all the research by investing in TP-Link routers.

The company has been around since 1996, so they have witnessed the growth of the internet and have been manufacturing networking devices for quite some time now. So, they are well-versed with the needs and requirements that a customer looks for in a router.

Some of TP-Link Router features are:

  • Coverage-Most of the TP-Link models has quite a big coverage, making it a great product that can be used at homes and offices. With 3-4 antennas, the internet connection can reach the far corners of the house.
  • Connectivity-The router comes with USB ports that support devices like printers. Also, you can easily connect any DSL or already-existing Ethernet cable to the router’s internet port.
  • Dual-band-This feature determines the speed of the internet connection and thus is quite important. TP-Link routers provide a dual-band with a total speed of 1750 Mbps, so you can easily stream 4K quality content.
  • Privacy-The routers can also allow parents to restrict the use of internet networks by using parental controls. Also, the WPA2/WPA wireless encryption allows the parents to regulate what the family can access and which sites are restricted.

All-in-all, the TP-Link routers are budget-friendly and also perform well for the price that you pay. It is easy to install, and you will not necessarily have to be tech-savvy to operate it.

Default IP Address

Everyone is familiar with the term IP address but probably does not have a clear understanding of it. IP stands for internet protocol. An IP address is the address/location of the hardware network you use. The IP address enables the device to receive, send, exchange, and find information with other devices. The responsibility of assigning IP addresses is the internet service provider’s.

When a router is installed, it always has a default IP address. You can change it yourself if you want or ask the ISP to do it for you. The default IP address for TP-Link will be either of these two: or

Simple steps to change the IP address are:

  1. First, log into TP-Link’s web management page.
  2. Then for:

–         Green UI and New Log

Select ‘Network,’ then ‘LAN’ available on the left side of the screen. Change the IP address to the preferred one, and click save.

–         Blue UI and new UI and Gaming UI

Click on the ‘Advanced’ option present on top of the screen.

Then select ‘Network’ and ‘LAN’ from the left side options list. Put in the new LAN IP and click save.

Default Admin User Name and Default Password

The password makes a network private. It is needed to connect devices with the internet network that is created by the router. Also, to use the settings of a router, the password and username are important. The default username and password of a router are usually mentioned in the manual or on a sticker attached to the content’s box.

The default username and password of most TP-Link manufactured routers is “admin” (lowercase without the quotations marks).

The steps to change the default username and password for TP-Link routers (ADSL router method):

  1. Start with opening your web browser window. In the search bar, put the LAN IP address (default- and press enter.
  2. In the login page that loads, type the default username and password (admin).
  3. Then click on ‘Management,’ then, ‘Access Control’ > ‘Password.’ After that, type the old and new password and click save/apply. This saves the changes made in the settings.

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