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One of the most common questions from a potential customer is, “What is the default router IP address?” like, It’s an easy question to answer and one you should never neglect as your company can be in serious trouble if you don’t know this information. There are many reasons why a company’s default gateway IP address changes. It could be because they have added or deleted any network devices, routers, or network attached storage devices such as a NAS device, or it could also be because they have moved their service area. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is as long as you’re aware of it and have a plan in place to deal with any of these situations.

One of the reasons why a company’s default router address changes is because they have added any new hardware to the network. You see, some people get network hardware when they expand their business, and others move into a new office. Sometimes the new hardware cannot be connected to the old IP address and needs to be configured with the new IP.

Another reason a router will have to be configured is when they’ve added or deleted any network attached storage devices. Again, both of these situations are pretty common, and there are different procedures for handling each one. When you have deleted an entire network of routers, you basically just have to restart the whole thing and then configure a new IP. When you’ve just added a new network, all you have to do is restart the router and enter the IP address where you want the device to be located. Hopefully, the device will have been added again because you wouldn’t have had to reboot the router. Default Router IP Admin Login

Usually default gateway addresses aren’t changed unless the end user has specifically requested that they be changed. The reason for this is simple. If you request that a particular IP is changed, the IT department must receive an authorization from you before they change the default IP. It’s a simple system and there’s really no need to complicate things.

Usually, many people don’t even know that their router has an IP address. Many of the devices you connect to the internet have default gateway addresses that automatically assign them to their respective computers. It happens sometimes with wireless routers and it can happen with wireless cards. Usually it only happens with computers that have wireless adapters that are configured to automatically detect the default gateway address and use that to connect to the internet. You might not even know your computer has an IP address if you connect it to the internet through a wireless card.

There are cases where a router will need to have its IP address changed. The primary reason is to prevent guests in the house from being able to access certain files on your computer. The other reasons can be related to port flooding in networks that have dynamic IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are assigned to computers as they get closer to the expiration date. They are renewed at the time of renewal or at the time of the domain name expiration.


Sometimes, the administrator of the router might decide to change the IP address, like,  for a variety of reasons. For example, they might want to make their network more secure or they may have leased their address but no longer want to use it. In either case, they will make a request to the IP address provider to have their address changed.

You should check your router every year so that you can keep an eye on the usage of its address. You might also want to change your IP address from time to time. However, most routers have the facility to set this and they do this automatically. You will not be able to reset it manually.

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